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24 August 2015 - 12:42, by Medialore LLC
Even before Jared’s exposed shenanigans, Subway was already losing favor with the public, as critics questioned its quality of fresh items along with it's rising prices throughout recent years.

Now, Jeepers Creepers Jared clearly didn’t help them out last week after being exploited as a child molester who paid to sleep with minors.

Despite this, I think most peoples initial reaction of shock came with how a pop n fresh look-alike from the Midwest maintained permanent pitchman status with such a global and iconic brand for 15 years as a criminal. This nearly unbelievable feat is what has sponsors and customers looking at Subway sideways.

Now lets role play. If you were CEO or at least a high level exec. at Subway, what would you do to regain credibility with sponsors, along with all the soccer moms who now associate your brand with the butt of many jokes that make you feel guilty for secretly dying of laughing inside?

Help a brotha out and give poor Subway an idea or two. While you think about that, we’ll give them five…

Let’s readdress subway’s current dilemma.

Subway: Recently discovered its former pitchman Jared Fogle pled guilty to a series of allegations claiming he paid for sex with minors as young as 16 years of age. Fogle was also charged with receiving and distributing child pornography.

What Subway needs to do:

First: Take the L, and announce the permanent cutting of ALL ties with Fogle while firmly condemning his pretty sick actions.

Second: Publicly address your employee screening process by announcing how the company process is under “intense scrutiny“ for the sake of improvement.

Third: Launch a campaign that demonstrates Subway’s involvement in childhood and adolescent development. One thing no one can take away from Subway’s image is it’s ability to rehabilitate poor eating habits into healthier alternatives. Use your rehab and development rep as a means of tackling another prominent childhood/adolescent issue like bullying. From there, the conversation will now switch from one childhood issue to another, with subway now appearing to lead the charge in tackling an issue worthy of conversation.

Fourth: Chill on the pitchmen for a long while. Any new pitchmen the public sees will more than likely bring back the image of Casper, the way too friendly ghost with glasses.

Five: This is the most obvious and ineffective because people will see this as a corporate cop out. Donate to charities and institutions that care for and research victims of child molestation and sexual assault amongst minors. What this does at the very least is leave a tangible paper trail of efforts made to make up for such a blunder.