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03 September 2015 - 03:32, by Medialore LLC
Now that it appears the general viral public finished taking batting practice on Meek Mill’s jugulars, lets take a moment of silence and reflect on the once credible gangster rapper image that was put to rest by Drake’s back-to-back banger and OVO Fest shade show

May those once hard twitter fingers rest in peace.

Now that we have officially paid our respects, lets see if there is anything we can do for the current Meek Mill image, which most feel is irreparable after being kicked while down all August. Before we do this, lets figure out what’s left of his image – if any.

What’s gone:
-Meek Mill climbing his way to hip hop creme della creme anytime soon
-Hardcore gansta rapper (bodied by a singer)
-Looking like a good fit for girlfriend Nikki Manaj
-Twitter extrodinar

What’s left:
-Nicki Minaj? (Maybe?)
-Solid rapper
-Authentic lyricist
-Philly street cred
-Maybach support

Now that we know what’s gone and left, we’ll list three steps to get Meek back on track.

First: Remain silent!

You are now at the hands of Drake who holds your trump card. The good news is that the storm has now weathered itself since the OVO fest ground sweep. The bad news – the debris is still heavy. Meek needs to wait for Drake to put out a couple of non–diss related tracks, which will get the masses to focus it attention on new Drake content.

Second: Leave Drake and the beef alone. Act as if it never happened

Once the coast is as clear as it can be, put out two to three tracks that mention nothing about Drake, Quincy Miller, Twitter or anything that has gotten you into this mess. One thing that has not been damaged during all this is your authenticity. Without mentioning Drake or the beef, use this to your advantage and put together creative lyrics that talk about your Philly upbringing and mentality so the masses can connect with your value of authenticity and why you felt the need to snitch on Drake. Let your craft speak for actions.

Third: Get Nicki’s Public Support, or Leave

At this point, most of us have no evidence/clues of where his girlfriend ‘s allegiance lies. Of course, this hasn’t stopped the public from speculating via hilarious memes, and shade casting all at the expense of Meek. Hearing nothing but crickets from Nicki adds fuel to the fire. If Nicki announces a break up during Meek’s limbo period, that could very well pull the plug on Meek’s viral life support. If he leaves her first, it’ll probably make Meek appear more sensitive and petty, but it’s better than being dumped after loosing badly in a fistfight.