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27 January 2016 - 01:02, by Medialore LLC
R emember when that one middle school bully messed with the wrong one on the wrong day and got turned into a born again saint after you and everyone else excitedly witnessed them undergo the most shocking but satisfying butt whooping of your academic life?

Well, CNN anchor Brianna Keller may become the new lead nun of Sister Act 3 after Bill Cosby’s play big sister Monique Pressley laid the smack down on her candy (you know what) soul during an interview in which she began questioning Cosby’s silence on facing multiple sexual assault allegations.

And by big sister, we really mean big time attorney who also deserves to collect some major public relations checks with the damage control she’s done since replacing The Cosby Show star’s former attorney. Of course, the PR experts at Medialore will share why.

Pressley has made quite the name for herself during the tail end of 2015 and early in our new year. There are several columns and blogs floating around about her ability to defend, so we won’t talk about that. Instead, we’re going to focus on how she's turned the journalism green room into her courtroom.

Midway through last year, just about every PR firm and expert weighing in on the Cosby case all but dug up the deepest grave to bury his image. To keep it real, we sure as hell did too. Then out of the clear blue sky, comes the attorney hire of Mrs. Pressley. Not the least bit bashful despite entering the game down 20 late in the fourth quarter, Pressley did her best 2006 T-MAC impersonation vs. the Spurs to get Cosby back into the game.

Fast-forwarding to the present — despite similar sexual assault allegations from dozens of women, Cosby’s image now has an active pulse thanks to Pressley’s ability to turn the media debate desk into the court of law.

With a poised demeanor second only to the great Olivia Pope, Pressley has used Cosby’s lack of any convictions along with statue of limitations to showcase not only Cosby’s innocence, but also the media’s inability to present thorough facts from both sides.

The media, some of which who drove a damning narrative of this once seemingly indisputable topic, looked a bit unprofessional and guilty of sensationalizing after Pressley threw the “lack of evidence” pie in their face. The most seasoned media gatekeepers were found scrambling through their notes as Pressley challenged the veracity of any evidence found strong enough to convict Cosby.

Now instead of Cosby looking like the bad guy, it’s now the media. A smart approach by Cosby’s camp knowing the general public would never reject the notion of the media appearing social irresponsible. Plus Pressley’s eloquence and professionalism is something people are naturally drawn to. You can’t help but to root for her as she defends a man publicly stamped with premature guilt, stemmed perhaps by the media.

In a case where public opinion can easily sway the mindset of selected jurors, gaining public favor can become just as vital as any evidence presented in the courtroom. And with Gloria Allred now representing the 29 women alleged to have been assaulted by Cosby in Philadelphia’s Montgomery County, her strong reputation of litigating against high profile celebrities may prove the next chest match for Pressley.

So of course the fanfare she’s built for herself is only going to help strengthen that of Cosby. Now we’re not expecting you to see reruns of The Cosby Show back on the networks anytime soon, but it appears that Mrs. Pressley's work may have the media thinking twice before booking her for an interview.