The Email Makeover: ASHRM
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  • Industry: Corporate
  • Category: Email Marketing
  • Client: ASHRM
  • Highlight: 63% increased web traffic
  • Website Link: Career Connections
  • Description
Last year, our healthcare client, ASHRM was looking to renovate its career board webpage and enhance its call to action and landing pages to encouraging members to share with friends. We renovated the site, eliminated non useful links while adding a distinctive “Featured Employers” section that drew greater attention to the best and most recent job posts each month. We also added summaries of each job post to increase content and bolsted the google organic search of the job board. We also created a landing page linking from a call to action, encouraging members to forward its list to up to 5 friends. This resulted in a 63% increase on the job board website and a 42% increase within the company website overall. The increase of web traffic also drew a spike in memorabilia sales by 9%.